‘Blessed Trendsetta’.  The future of female rap. 

Kelresha ‘Blessed Trendsetta’ Unique Ellis was born on the 28th of May 1987. 
Raised in Chesapeake, Virginia by her grandmother young Trendsetta. 
She did not have a mother or father around to look up to, so she grew on and learnt to live with what she had. 

Then at the age of 12 after becoming exceptionally good at writing poetry, she began to write lyrics.  She also became a major hip hop fan, right around the time when her mother actually came back in to her life and she moved in with her in Richmond.  During her stay with her mother, times seemed to get rough. 
Young Trendsetta fell victim to alcohol abuse, beating, torture and even rape. 
Things that no child should ever have to go through.  
And in the following year she was again left by her mother and so she went on with her life but was very damaged and reckless due to the danger going on around her in her neighborhood. 

Soon after that, Trendsetta spent several years in prison where she began to realise what her meaning on this earth truly was.  Making great music.  And after her release, she decided to leave the bad behind and try to make something from nothing. 

Blessed Trendsetta has since then released several mixtapes and singles which have boosted her following incredibly, and when people witness her perform live, they genuinely feel her pain, struggle and strength.  She has been referred to as one of the most captivating live performers.  And even Epic Records stated that with the right fan base behind her, she could be a huge success.  She has even opened shows for major acts such as: 
- French Montana 

-Lil Ru 

-OJ Da Juiceman 
- Rakim 
- Da Brat 
- Kurtis Blow 
- Styles P 
and more. 

Now at the age of 30,  Blessed Trendsetta is at her prime and ready to show the world her story, and what it really means to come from the bottom and make something great of yourself. 
Get ready! Because the world needs a Trendsetta.. And she is that..